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  • Technology is NOT (yet) universal

    Silicon Valley cannot cater to all voices...


    World population earning a college degree


    Percentage of women in Silicon Valley


    Percentage of minorities in Silicon Valley

    We think the world is in crucial need of a different technology proposition. A proposition that will be built for and by people seeing things differently.


    Our “no-text-policy” at the core of our user interface design philosophy is setting up the foundations of a truly universal digital world where all barriers are removed.

  • Informalized !

    The sharing economy has fundamentally changed our consumption behaviors, and contributed to the emergence of new businesses and the birth of a new man: The homotrepreneur. In today’s context of uberization, most people have their business activities (uber, Airbnb, grocery stores) alongside with their regular jobs.


    Somtou wants to place itself as the catalyst of the sharing economy all around the world; and ultimately help people coming from diverse background of technological knowledge have a versatile device to manage their small businesses.

  • Local and natural

    Connecting nature and electronics


    Natural material gives life to electronic devices


    Somtou is at the intersection of art and technology and thus brings back humanity to electronics. Tired of grey, plastic-made and mass-produced electronics? Somtou is the way forward. We think most current devices lack a natural touch and personality. We truly believe that natural materials could bring authenticity to technology.


    Handcraft at the core


    Because we think human matters


    We also believe in diversity and the use of local materials. In all the places we will operate, our aim will always be to use natural materials to build the device. As of now, we are able to produce the Somtou with wood and bamboo, which both give a sense of durability to the device and enhance the relationship that humans have with technology.

  • Yourself from the inside to the outside

    Your informal office should be PERSONAL, AUTHENTIC and fully PERSONALIZED.

    Somtou is painted with your colors

    We think that your informalized office should be colorful as your personality. Somtou can be indeed painted with your color of choice taking into account your traditional office atmosphere and features.

    Somtou is about rediscovering your inner self.

    You can draw your own office

    Somtou gives you the opportunity to customize your user interface based on your own interests and type of business.

  • Somtou makes your life easier

    In implementing a “no text policy”, we also bring simplicity to our device, which is based on our conviction that managing your personal activities, small businesses or financials should be quite straightforward.

    Your activities

    Manage your activities easily

    The Somtou device allows you to follow your activities. As a good parent, you might want to keep track of the expenses related with your kid karate classes.


    As a freelance karate teacher, you might want to follow the payments of your different students and know the best ones.

    Follow your cash

    We know your finances are important

    In one touch, know how well your finances are going. What you earned, how you spent it, how much can you afford for the next periods.


    We would love to see the informal, bright, pepsy side of your personnality...


    1. (Click on add photos) Upload the formal you, we will turn it grey

    2. (Click on add photos) Upload the INFORMAL you colorful and joyful

    3. Choose your background, add some text, express yourself :)

    4. Get your Somtou and share :)

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